What is Nayya Use?

Nayya Use is your full-time personal benefits guide, which can help you take full advantage of your medical and voluntary benefits.

Once you link Nayya Use to your medical insurance provider, Nayya's patented, AI-driven recommendation engine kicks in, working behind-the-scenes to find new ways you can stay healthy and save money all year long.

Here are some of the ways Nayya Use can work for you:

*Nayya’s AI-automated claims assistance will alert you to cost-savings opportunities throughout the
year. Nayya will proactively let you know when you can reimburse a claim for savings, so you don’t have to worry about paying unexpected medical bills.

*Do you think you are overpaying for your prescription drugs? Don’t worry, Nayya will proactively alert you when there are cheaper drug prices available, and let you know where you can find them.

*Nayya will let you know when you are overpaying for out-of-network care and will recommend the best in-network options available in your area, so you can stay healthy and save money.


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