You seem to have a lot of my data. Why is that?

Personal data is critical in generating accurate benefits recommendations for employees because it allows Nayya to understand each employee's unique needs, preferences, and health conditions. With this information, Nayya's recommendations are able to be hyper-personalized to each individual to present the best strategy. We collect data in three buckets:


Health - data about your healthcare spend and planned healthcare utilization

Wealth - data about your personal financial information

Preferences - data about how you prefer to utilize benefits


These three buckets allow us to factor in everything needed for a personalized recommendation. 


Nayya understands that privacy is crucial to employees, and we take this very seriously. Nayya's data collection process is transparent, and employees have control over what data they share with Nayya. We only utilize the data to make the best possible recommendations for employees, and do not share the data with anyone.


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