I am having trouble searching for my providers.

If you are currently completing the Nayya survey and are having trouble finding your providers on the question “Which Providers do you plan to visit within the next year?,” first check that the City, State, and Zip Code entered on the page are accurate. If you checked this information and are still having trouble please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance through our live chat, or by emailing support@nayya.com.


When you reach out to our team, please let us know your email address, Employer, and the name of the provider you are searching for so we can best assist. As we look into the issue for you, feel free to proceed through the rest of the survey to receive your recommendations.

Note: It is optional to input providers on our survey and should not greatly affect your recommendations.

If you are hoping to search for new providers or confirm whether a provider you go to is in-network for a plan you are enrolling in, we recommend searching for the provider on the Insurance Carrier's website, or confirming the network status with the provider directly.


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