I have a question about a plan and its coverage.

If you want to learn more about the different plans available to you through your employer, you can do so from our recommendation page. First, click on the name of the recommended plan you would like to know more about. Clicking on the name of a plan listed in your Benefits Bundle Overview will open a Plan Overview page. On this page, you can view some coverage details, and if applicable, select “Compare Plans” to compare other plans available to you, and even choose a different plan as you see fit. When relevant, you can also select to “Modify” the recommendation to change certain details or add/remove dependents when applicable. After clicking to open the Plan Overview page, you may see a link at the top of the page that says “Learn More”. Selecting this link will open a plan document containing all plan coverage details.


If you have further questions about the plans available to you and their coverage, or are having issues on the recommendation page, you can contact our Customer Support team for assistance through our live chat, or by emailing customersuccess@nayya.com.


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